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 SSC 368 - Leadership and Strategic Management


What does being a leader entail? How to set, together, with others, a vision and a mission in a given field – whether this is social, political, economic or all of these at the same time? How to, subsequently, manage yourself, others and resources like time, money and information to the pursuit of these objectives? What characterized great leaders, and how do they deal with the challenges that come their way?

These questions have generated insights from ancient Greece to works by the most current scholars. In this course, they will be answered on the basis of academic literature on leadership and strategic management, but also on the basis of the collective wisdom of leaders from the business, social and political world. These leaders will present students cases from their own experience, which the students – following the Harvard case study method – will address. The domains in which leadership is exercised do not only include the business world, but also the public and the private sphere, and this course will not only deal with economic entrepreneurialism but also – for instance – with moral entrepreneurialism.

The course thus combines both academic research and practice. The emphasis, however, lies on understanding the type of leader that you are, and want to be, and developing and strengthening your personal leadership and management skills. After having taken this course, you will not only be familiar with key theories in the field of leadership and management, but also have developed essential leadership and management skills yourself. You will have set specific goals, both personal and collective, and worked towards achieving them, strengthened by both academic theories and advice from people who experience leadership challenges on a daily basis.​


Dr. Barbara Oomen




The following are required in order to take this course:

  • ​Any 100-level social science course
  • 500-1000 word essay on why they want to take part in the course, what they hope to learn from it, and what they can contribute to insights on leadership and strategic management.