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 ACC CC - Choir Course


​Every respectable Liberal Arts College has its own choir. This is why the Roosevelt College Choir was founded right after the opening of University College Roosevelt as new Honors College in the Netherlands 2004. It is the official choir of University College Roosevelt, and as such sings at official occasions such as Convocation and Graduation ceremonies. The choir performs an annual concert towards the end of the Spring semester, presenting a selection of the broad variety of works which have been studied during the academic year.


The choir enjoys a certain reputation, so invitations to perform as a guest are frequently forthcoming.


The repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the present day, chosen according to the abilities of the student singers. Musical standards at UCR are high, so we aim to present challenging repertoire, out of the reach of less ambitious ensembles. The Roosevelt College Choir course is a two-semester course.



Ramon van den Boom (conductor) and Margreeth Chr. de Jong, M.A. Mus​ (solfège teacher)



The members of the Roosevelt College Choir are enthusiastic and ambitious musicians. Membership is by audition, open to anyone in any way associated with University College Roosevelt. The main goal of the Roosevelt College Choir is to bring together singers with a genuine interest in music, enabling them to express their musical gifts and join in building up an excellent vocal ensemble. The Roosevelt College Choir aims to be a choir that can compare itself to other university choirs internationally, both in terms of its standards and its repertoire.

Its goals from the perspectives of musical education are:

  • development of a responsible, professional attitude toward the preparation of concerts and performances;
  • improvement of vocal sound and intonation;
  • development of the ability to read and sing musical intervals, understand and maintain rhythm, and determine the pitch of individual notes;
  • understanding historical background and context;
  • learning how to write programme notes for a non-specialized audience and/or learning to work with computer programmes such as Sibelius and/or getting experience in choir management. The Choir administrator(s) will have special responsibilities which are formally recognized by the BoS;
  • development of each individual's abilities as a choral singer to a standard where he/she can represent UCR outside the confines of its own campus.