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 A&H 395 - Case Studies in Music


​This course takes the form of a research seminar. Students are guided through all stages of musicological research from the formulation of research proposals to finished publications.

They will train essential skills such as peer reviewing, proof reading, presentation of findings, a critical approach of primary sources and literature, etc. An emphasis is laid on the detection, handling, and evaluation of primary source material. In principle, each student works on seven projects, including at least one larger group project. There will be much opportunity to come take part in (semi-)individual projects of the student’s own choice, the topics can be chosen from a period covering no less than seven (15th-21st) centuries. Each project should result in a so-called lemma, (entry) to be published in the digital version of the Encyclopedie van Zeeland. The number of words to be used for each of the lemmata (to be handed in two versions: English and Dutch) is to be decided later, using the results of the research conducted; the final product should give a broad description of the topic with a clear focus on Zeeland. There will be a possibility to include visual materials. The editor of the encyclopaedia will provide specific guidelines; he and other scholars involved will also be of assistance to the students


Dr. Albert Clement​




The following courses are required in order to take this course:

  • A&H 195 A History of Western Music
  • A&H 295 Music in Context

Alternatively (for Performing Arts students):

  • All 100- and 200-level music courses offered at UCR