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 AH 392 - Advanced Art & Design Practice


This is an ‘action research’, fieldwork based 300-level course. We will work with the notion of a ‘living delta’ and produce imaginative models and scenarios for the social, cultural and ecological regeneration of the Veere area. The course content builds on the preliminary field research 'How to think like a Mountain in a Land of Sea' (2016), carried out by invited artists and thinkers in collaboration with the municipality of Veere. At the time, the participants produced reflections on what durable tourism in Walcheren could look like. The outcomes of our AH392 ‘action research’ will function as input for a planned Arts & Sciences festival (working title: Floating Campus) to be held end of August 2018 in Veere. This festival will ideally involve various departments of UCR as well as a mix of entrepreneurs, educators, policy makers,
artists, thinkers and scientists. The ambition and structure of the Floating Campus will be further elaborated upon in class. Field trips and guest interventions will acquaint you with know-how stemming from relational art, social design, deep ecology, and sensible mapping practices.




Art & Design Practice

Course requirements

At least the 100-level Art & Design Practice.