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 A&H 316 - Art & Architecture of the Italian Renaissance

This course is dedicated to the paintings, sculptures, and architecture created in Italy during the Renaissance. At this pivotal time, artists, scholars and philosophers were rediscovering the riches of Greco-Roman antiquity, closely observing the world around them and re-evaluating mankind’s place in it, while creating many of the political, social, economic, scientific and religious structures which shaped modern Europe. Along with a survey of the most important works of art of the period, the course will introduce students to the most important topics and debates in the field of Renaissance art. Among the major artists to be studied are: Giotto, Donatello, Masaccio, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael.
Dr. Hans Bloemsma
Art History
Every even fall
The following course is required in order to take this course:
  • A&H 215 17th-Century Dutch Painting
  • And one of the following courses
    • A&H 105 Classical Mythology
    • A&H 305 Greek Art & Archaeology
Note: for some students it will not be possible to take the 200-level Art History course before proceeding to the 300-level. In such cases, students may request permission from the instructor to take the 300-level course first. The 200-level course will then be taken at a later stage to complete the track.
Course Material
  • Stephen J. Campbell and Michael W. Cole, A New History of Italian Renaissance Art, London: Thames & Hudson, 2012
  • Michael W. Cole, Sixteenth-Century Italian Art (Blackwell Anthologies in Art History), Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2006
  • Selected Readings