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 A&H 292: Intermediate Art & Design in Practice


It takes as a point of departure a research question of both regional and international relevance, taken from the national science agenda (NWA).

A visual essay builds an original argument around a topic of research, and expresses it visually or spatially. It is grounded in the practical experience gained during experimental, trial & error research, and at the same time it contains strong academic foundations (with references to literature or other sources). Sources must be of a recognised quality (at the discretion of the instructor). The medium is open: you can choose to conceive and realise e.g. an applied or autonomous series of photographs or drawings, a documentary, an interactive or fiction video, a graphic novel, a public walk, an exhibition and/or a performance. The final form of your visual essay will be refined in dialogue with the tutor throughout your process. Guest interventions from UCR Faculty, local partners, or invited artists and designers will add a diversity of perspectives on the course work; fragments of books and conversations will lend a reflective framework for the hands-on work in class. Self-study time will be dedicated to keeping track of and reflecting on your process in your sketchbook, which you will use as a visual research journal, and as a basis for the production of a personal portfolio (your term long project).




Art & Design Practice

Course requirements

At least the 100-level Art & Design Practice.