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 A&H 265 - Christian Scripture, Doctrine, and Interpretation


Christianity holds a special position in Western culture and society. It has shaped its worldview and history for almost two mil­len­nia and, thus, has left crucial traces in fine arts, architecture, music, film, etc. In our times, however, the European world experiences an increasing secularisation, and in consequence, Chris­tian­ity may be perceived as an ‘outdated religion in this continent. In all other parts of the world however, notably in Asia and Africa, and in Japan, China, Indonesia, and India in particular, Christianity is booming.

This course explores the foun­da­tions and influences of Christian Scripture, its Doctrines, and Interpretation. The first half of this course is dedicated to the primary material, the New Testament, engaging with both the text itself as well as some major issues of modern critical scholarship, such as the quest for the his­­torical Jesus and the for­­mation of the fundamental doctrines of ‘God and ‘Christ.

The second half of this course highlights a num­ber of important episodes in the history of Christianity, including the teachings of Medi­eval monasticism, the Age of Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and the Age of En­light­en­ment. The course concludes with a discussion of contemporary trends in Christian theology and its influence on ethics in society.







One of the following is required in order to take this course:

  • A&H 165 World Religions  
  • A&H 166 The Bible in the Arts
  • Any 200- or 300 level course in the Religion Track
  • Permission from the instructors

Required for

This course is an alternative requirement for the following courses:

  •  A&H 365 Topics in World Religions