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 A&H 237 - Life and Travel Writing


The course is devoted to various forms and modes of life narrative in literature and popular culture such as memoir, autobiography, diary, personal essay, and travel narrative. It prepares students to read and analyse various forms of literary life narratives as well as autobiographical modes in the media. In this way students are encouraged to develop a critical awareness of the postmodern ‘culture of autobiography’.

In the course, students will build up their writing, presentation and debating skills, and their critical self-reflection. They will be invited to work with their own subjective experience by applying theoretical concepts so as to produce their own personal narratives.

With its broadly conceived approach to literary texts perceived in the context of large cultural processes, the course ideally fits into the paradigm of liberal arts.​






The following course is required in order to take this course:

  • One of the following courses:
    • ​A&H 135 Great Literary Works
    • A&H 136 Introduction to Literary Studies 

Required for

This course is an alternative requirement for the following courses:

  • A&H 336 Critical Perspectives on Literary Meaning
  • A&H 337 Film and Text
  • SSC 334 Advanced Cultural Studies