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 A&H 190 - Art & Design Practice: Visualizing Ideas


This 100-level course introduces students to the practice of art & design by investigating the intricate relation between our intentions and the world: how can we visually articulate, materialise, and share an idea? And which ideas does the world need today? We will work from inspiring practical assignments, in which you learn to make unexpected and meaningful connections between yourself, things, persons and places; you will also create objects and interventions based on these connections. The course is roughly divided in three projects that fall under the main header Making Room & Community, and in which you will work in teams as well as individually. Midway, we will go on a full day fieldtrip to discover experimental creative processes. We will wrap up the semester with a public exhibition of your work on Dec 16.​



The course functions as a pilot for the Art and Design Practice track which will officially be launched in January 2016 – students who take part thus help pioneer this unique program.​

Course requirements

In order to profit from the course it is recommended to have an open and collaborative attitude, and a strong interest in making things.​