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 A&H 166 - The Bible in the Arts


Throughout its history, the Bible has inspired artists, be it as the backbone of faith, or be it simply due to its colourful stories. The choice of a Biblical topic by an artist is hardly ever random, but usually follows an agenda that is not always evident at first sight. The same is true for the way in which the Biblical text is represented: often tiny alterations – once noticed – can provide clues as to what the work of art is truly meant to express.

This course offers a way of getting to know the Old and New Testaments through artistic manifestations of different kinds and from all ages. Its aim is to explore the diverse ways in which the Bible has been interpreted, including its reception in different cultural media, such as fine arts, music, literature, and film. As such it is not only designed for students of theology, but rather as a course that may serve as a valuable complement to courses in Liberal Arts in general.


Prof. Dr. Albert Clement



Required for

This course is required in order to take the following course:

  • A&H 265 Christian Scripture, Doctrine, and Interpretation​