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 A&H 097 - Preparatory Performing


Admission to the Music Performance track is dependent upon an audi­tion. Exam­ples of pieces appropriate for audition can be found on the Fontys website. In order to be ad­mitted to the Music Per­for­mance track you have to express your interest to the coordinator of the Music Track (Prof. Albert Clement). If ap­plication seems possible, an entrance exam will follow. During this exam your music­al and in­stru­men­tal/vocal de­velopment will be tested according to the admission require­ments listed in the Fontys Conservatorium Brochure. This will decide if you will be admitted to the Per­for­mance track. Those with sufficient talent but not mastering the agreed entry standard for the Music Per­formance course yet may be admitted to a preliminary route. They may bene­fit from the 100-level His­tory and Theory Courses, but will not receive credits from UCR for the deve­lop­ment of their in­stru­men­tal-vocal skills until they have reached the agreed standard. 

At the end of each semester, progress of the students will be examined by means of an examination in front of a jury. The received grade for this performance will be the grade for the entire course. At the end of the final course of this track, each student will give a longer performance in front of a jury and an audience.


Various including Joop Albracht, M.A. Mus, Romy Coomans-Uitdehaag, Margreeth Chr. de Jong, M.A. MusGonnie van Heugten, M.A. Mus, Professor Dr. Albert Clement​​


Music Performance


The following is required in order to take this courses:

  • A&H 197 Elementary Performing I
  • A&H 198 Elementary Performing II