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 ACC 151 - Theories of Learning


This is the first course of the Teaching Track and will be taken by students at the start of their second year at UCR. In this course you will get an overview of the most important theories about how people learn and how learning can be optimized. This will be done by critically reviewing recent and “classic” studies within the fields of educational psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience. Although this course has a theoretical emphasis, this does not imply that we will ignore the application of these different views on learning to educational practice. On the contrary, we will often use realistic problems to make these viewpoints more concrete and how they can help to improve teaching and learning within and outside the classroom. As you will soon discover, understanding how a child learns to calculate, how a pilot learns to fly a jumbo jet, or how a chess player learns to discover the best move, is only possible when you have a deep understanding about how the human mind works. However, learning is more than acquiring new knowledge and skills. Learning takes place in many different contexts (actually, most learning takes place outside school) and each of these circumstances have unique challenges for learning to succeed. Moreover, it is important to realize that learning can only take place when you are motivated to learn, and have the support from family and friends. During this course we will shed light on all these issues and hopefully it will help you to become a more effective learner and instructor in the future.


Prof. dr. Remy Rikers




For this course permission from the instructor is required.

Required for

200-level course in Education