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The Engineering (ENG) department, set to start in 2020, offers courses that focus on questions regarding water security, energy transition, and food production in delta areas. Sustainable engineering is its motto. 

Starting in September 2019, spots are still open for a group of pioneer students. They will have the opportunity to pilot new learning activities and projects as well as co-create a new and innovative curriculum. 

The pressing challenges of our day and age are global and complex. Think for example about sea-level rising, reductions in biodiversity and the generation of sustainable forms of energy. All these issues are daily business in our region, as UCR is located in the heart of the Scheldt Delta. The world needs engineers that create great, high-tech, solutions to these issues. Indeed, it needs engineers that realize that engineering requires awareness of environmental impact, societal acceptance and ethical dilemmas involved with such solutions. The Engineering department will train people for this.

Tracks offered by the ENG department are Biological & Chemical Engineering, Data Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. 

An overview of the courses for the first year of the Engineering Pioneers can be found here.