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 Dr. Herman Lelieveldt

Why I work at UCR: UCR is  the place that gives me all the opportunities to teach politics in interactive and innovative ways, for example through exit-polls and problem-based learning.

What’s interesting about my discipline: All over the world people are dissatisfied with politics, whether its citizens in the Middle East longing for democratization, to voters in established democracies who are losing trust in the capacity of their governments to tackle problems. How can we explain these developments and what can political science teach us about this?



Herman Lelieveldt (1967) is Associate Professor in political science at UCR and is the convenor of the Utrecht Summerschool on Food Politics in the EU. His current research focuses on the policies and politics of food consumption and production, with an emphasis on policies at the EU level and the interplay with national political systems.

Books (for other publications see CV Herman Lelieveldt)

  • De Voedselparadox. Wat ons streven naar beter eten dwarsboomt. [The Food Paradox. Why it is so difficult to make our food more sustainable.] Amsterdam: Van Gennep (2016).

  • The Politics of the European Union (With Sebastiaan Princen). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (2015, Second Revised and Updated Edition).

  • Promoveren. Een wegwijzer voor de beginnend wetenschapper. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press (2013) (6de herziene druk).


Political Science

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