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 Dr. Elmer Veldkamp

Why I work at UCR: ​UCR provides a wide scope of study topics for students to combine according to their academic interests. This approach brings together motivated students in the classroom, all of whom have different perspectives on the course topics. This diverse student population, together with an compact semester schedule and class sizes, makes for lively and inspiring teaching moments in class.​

What’s interesting about my disciplineAmong other topics, cultural anthropology and contemporary folklore studies try to interpret changes and developments unquestioned aspects of people's everyday lives. By revealing seemingly unnoticed aspects of people’s behavior and perceptions of the world, these disciplines provide a way into thinking about cultural differences around the globe. At the same time, attention to the processes by which people adopt and transform diverse perceptions of the world into the realm of their own unquestioned everyday lives provides material and methods through which we can make sense of the world, and of ourselves.


Dr. Elmer Veldkamp received an M.A. in Japanstudies (Leiden University, 1998) and Cultural Anthropology (University of Tokyo, 2004) before obtaining his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Tokyo in 2010. He has done fieldwork in Korea and Japan, and his research interests are in the cultural anthropology and folklore studies of East Asia with particular attention to the recent history of everyday human-animal relations, and the preservation of intangible cultural heritage and its impact on local communities and contemporary perceptions of folk culture.


Anthropology and Research Methods

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