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How to bridge the gap between law in the books and justice done? This was the theme of the Law Seminar on May 16th.

Students in the Intermediate Earth Science course went on an excursion to the Eifel area.

Dean Prof. van den Brink has taken recent changes and the conversations that followed as an opportunity to write down his vision for the college.

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About University College Roosevelt​


An education built around you!

You seek to go beyond yourself. You want to make a difference in the world. University College Roosevelt is the place for you.​ We are a vibrant, diverse, and international academic community; an English-taught selective honours college with buzzing social and cultural life.

At UCR, professors encourage you to speak up in class, to take initiative in formulating your own research questions and research projects, to challenge received wisdom in a rigorous yet fair-minded way, and to express yourself convincingly in writing, in speaking, and in visual presentations. We offer a broad academic curriculum with over thirty disciplines in the arts and humanities, social science, science, and—from 2020 onwards—engineering. Guided by the advice of academic faculty, you will gradually build your own individual program. Studying at UCR is an exercise in thinking carefully about your passions, interests, and ambitions; learning to understand what knowledge and skills are needed in order to fulfil them. That, to us, is the essence of undergraduate education.

Our alumni are scholars, writers, judges, scientists, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, conservationists and environmentalists; they are lawyers, musicians, bankers, activists, teachers, artists, politicians, diplomats, strategic advisors—and so much more. What sets UCR alumni apart is their self-confidence, their civic engagement, and their entrepreneurial sense of opportunity. Be one of them, and come join us at University College Roosevelt.       ​